Write'n and Rant'n

  • Brian Hays
  • 21 Aug

From Doodle to Design, About Me.

So how far back do I go? Do I go back to grade school when I was getting in trouble for drawing all over my school notebooks; or do I just start where my career began? I will not bore you with a long life story that starts from birth and walks you through how I have come to this, but what you should know is that I have always been creative both visually and mentally. Creativity has often come easy for me compared to others. Well please understand, I have plenty of struggles getting the creativity out of my head and out to the world, but many times the real limitations centers more around my personal hesitation rather than my creativity or skills. Maybe you can relate to this. Sometimes all the skills in the world will not overcome the mental limitations we place on ourselves.

Well hold on, I am getting ahead of myself, here is a bit of my history. I have over twenty years of experience in graphic and multimedia design as well as website development and marketing. As I mentioned, I have always been creative and for me this made my college experience very obvious when I was considering what to study. I chose graphic design and I never looked back.

My graphic design degree has returned its investment tenfold (thank you mom and dad). Yes, they paid for my education but it has been up to me to turn it into something successful. Over the past twenty years I have worked with all types of business and non-profit organizations creating everything from logos to business cards, brochures, websites, videos and more. My longest position had me working with one of the largest hospital companies in the world creating web-based training for over 150,000 employees. My position there has lasted thirteen years and my responsibilities range from graphics to video/audio capture and editing.

Graphic design has been a blessing to me and I have maintained a strong freelance business along with my full-time work since I left college. Through the years one of the consistent issues I have encountered are small to medium size business, and even large businesses, that struggle to obtain the design elements they need to get work done. In some cases, I have found business basically held hostage by designers for the logos or artwork they need to do business on a daily basis. If you are reading this and feel like your hands are tied when you need something such as your logo for an online ad or trade publication, then you are not alone, this is a very common issue in most markets. You are why I am writing. I want to help empower businesses of all sizes to enable them to have the assets you need when you need them to take advantage of any type of marketing or advertising you see fit for your business without having to go through your designer to get there.

More to come soon...


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