Creativity requires more than tools.

Anyone can purchase software and learn to use it, but effective design stems from a unique perspective through which everything is viewed. Welcome to my view.

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About Brian

From Doodle to Design, About Me.

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Awesome Branding

Branding is often overlooked, but it is very important! Just think about majors like Coke or Nike. Now think of your market. What do you think of first, come on, be honest.

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Selecting a Designer, Life Lessons from PhotoShop

Does your designer work with you or do you feel like they hold you hostage? How do you select a designer, even if that designer is someone other than .me.

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Featured Works


Writing, Illustrator, PhotoShop, PowerPoint Adobe Captivate

Barre 11 Studio

Dreamweaver, PhotoShop and Illustrator

Promotional Poster

Illustrator and PhotoShop

Social Marketing

Illustrator and PhotoShop






Premier, Photoshop and Audition


Photoshop and Illustrator


Photoshop and Illustrator

What I offer

Graphic Design

More than a piece of software. Graphic design is the foundation of my outlook on the media through which we communicate. Graphic design is EFFECTIVE visual communication.

Creative Idea

Sometimes the ideas are the hardest. The best part can be a fresh set of eyes on what you need to or want to accomplish. Or, better yet, the idea you haven't even thought of.


Social, Print, Video and more. We live in a wired world with a ton of exciting information. Tapping into that can give you insights on who is looking for you and why they are looking.

Awesome Support

How can a Graphic Designer support you? If that is your question, you clearly are not marketing on social media. We should talk.

Brand Design

The beginning. The basis to build from is your brand, do you have this foundation?

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